The most vital profits of using silicone render for making the front of a house

When creating the exterior of a building, we have a choice of many kinds, colors and textures of exterior plaster. The right selection of plaster for the facade is very important, as it has a great impact on the imminent appearance of the structure and its style.

silicone render

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The exterior is the showcase of the house, but it is also important for the house to fit in with its surroundings.
heatiing system

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Silicone render is considered to be a superior product and it is generally recommended for building elevation. It is hydrophobic, which signifies that water will not penetrate into its surface, but should immediately flow down, what establishes the silicone render naturally immune to dirt. The water will simply wash off every kind of mud. Because of that, once the façade is done, it should last for years, and its color will not be destroyed. Additionally, it is resistant to the growth of fungi and algae – more and more producers are adding biologically active substances to their silicone plasters. This is specially crucial on the northern surfaces, where the humidity is highest and as well when we are building a building in the immediate vicinity of, for instance, a forest.

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It also protects from fissures, which can by induced by big temperature differences, while settling a new building or because of structural mistakes.

Additionally, silicone render has a very good resistance to injuries and impact. Additional profit is the possibility of any coloring, since it has a selection of colors that should please even the most critical customers.