What are the standard exploration devices?

Becoming a coal miner is a challenges and it is not a job for every person. In the mining regions, the task is done by men and women as a familiar custom. The great-grandfather was a miner, the granddad, father and the youngest member of household also becomes a miner. The mining traditions are popular by the individuals scrupulously due to the fact they are quite pleased for the ‘fortune’ in the work.

What is more, the families are also very godly. The miners have also their own patron – Saint Barbara. At the starting of November, the coal miners have a big party – on the last of November is the St. Barbara’s day. The miners see at the pub, have unique meals and drink alcohol. The article will concentrate on exploration equipment. The exploration evaluates and the tools which are used below ground also changes. However, the standard tools can be noticed at mine locations’ coat of arms.

underground mining equipment 2

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It is clear that every region has its own coat of arms, but all of them posses one, typical sign – it is hammer and pick. (roof bolter 260) The image indicated all mining people. The pick is a tool made use of to destroy the heavier part of stone. Thanks to the pick, the miner can pre-crushing stone and later, it can be eliminated, for example by using a spade. The picks are made use of in mining and quarrying. The pick is made up of an elongated blade and sometimes curved wedge, situated in the end of a wooden handle. Occasionally, the pick has 2 blades on each sides of the shaft.In mining are applied various types of picks. The heavier picks are used to extract the soft and medium hard rocks straight and less heavy picks are made use of to carry notches. Many picks posses replaceable blades. Others have blade, which can be used also as a hammer.

There are also picks which have a flattened blade, the shape is alike to hoe and they are made use of basically for digging soft rocks.
While the exploration evolution, the hammer and pick have been changed by todays equipment. (minemaster) Today the mining tools are less dangerous and do not demand so much physical work. Here are more and more tools, which are operated remotely, and the pick and hammer become icons of mining.